What is Hypnosis?

zen vida Hypnosis

Experience profound relaxation (when was the last time you allowed yourself the pleasure of deep relaxation?)

  • Enhance focus by 10,000 times
  • Boost accountability by 50,000 times
  • Ideal for those with keen intellect (that’s you!)
  • Perfect for creative minds (yes, you too – even if you haven’t recognized it yet!)
  • Grant yourself significantly more control through heightened focus

What is NOT Hypnosis?

It’s not sleep

Hypnosis guides you into the Theta brain wave, the most therapeutic state, allowing your body to rejuvenate and heal itself while reshaping behaviors. Meditation also accesses the Theta brain wave, but it doesn’t focus on behavioral changes like Hypnotherapy does. Remarkably, just 5 minutes of hypnosis can be as restorative as an entire hour of sleep!

It’s not about being gullible, weak-minded or under someone else’s control

Under hypnosis, you won’t engage in actions your unconscious mind wouldn’t normally permit. So, if running around naked in public isn’t your usual behavior, it won’t happen under hypnosis (contrary to what movies may suggest – your unconscious mind remains in control!).

It’s not brainwashing

Contrary to the negative portrayals in movies, inducing brainwashing involves five specific requirements, none of which are part of hypnotherapy.

It’s not unconsciousness

We collaborate with both your conscious and unconscious mind, working harmoniously as one. However, you are not unconscious during the process.

Who Can Help Me?

Discover the art of safely and efficiently inducing trance, finding calm amidst chaos, overcoming overwhelm and honing your focus on desired outcomes. Hypnosis proves to be a swift, straightforward, and potent tool. You can even practice a brief session while taking a moment for yourself in the restroom! (For all the busy moms, this one’s for you!)

As a Hypnotherapist, holding recognition in 47 countries, I am thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity at a minimal cost. It’s my commitment to empower you, enabling a smoother and more harmonious journey through 2024. CHECK OUT https://zenvida.works/higherself and register now!