Our Guide to
Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

zen vida Water Filtration Guide

Maintaining a well-hydrated and healthy body is crucial, and our researchers offer valuable insights to help you achieve this while minimizing exposure to common drinking water pollutants.

Understanding Tap Water Composition
Tap water suppliers transparently disclose the results of their water quality tests, a practice not followed by bottled water companies. Regularly review your annual tap water quality report and if you have a private well, ensure it undergoes testing.

Opting for Filtered Tap Water
Select a certified filter to eliminate contaminants in your water. Be aware that the effectiveness of filters can vary, so scrutinize the details. Carbon filters, whether in a pitcher or tap-mounted, are cost-effective and proficient in reducing common water contaminants like lead and byproducts from municipal water treatment processes. Consider installing a reverse osmosis filter if your budget allows, as it can eliminate contaminants that carbon filters cannot, such as arsenic and perchlorate (rocket fuel).

Regular Filter Maintenance
Timely replacement of water filters is essential, as aged filters can harbor bacteria and allow contaminants to pass through.

Choosing Filtered Tap Water over Bottled Water

Despite reading bottle labels, determining the purity of bottled water can be challenging. We discovered 38 contaminants in 10 popular brands, emphasizing the benefits of choosing filtered tap water.

Safe On-the-Go Hydration
Avoid hard bottles (#7 plastic) that can release the harmful chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) into water. Opt for stainless steel or other BPA-free bottles, and refrain from reusing plastic bottles to prevent bacterial contamination and the release of plastic chemicals.

Hydration Tips for Specific Life Stages

  • During Pregnancy: It is crucial for women to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Follow the provided tips and consult your doctor for personalized advice on water intake.
  • For Infants: Use filtered tap water for formula preparation. Depending on whether your water is fluoridated, use either a carbon or reverse osmosis filter to ensure your infant’s safety. If opting for bottled water, ensure it is fluoride-free.

Enhanced Protection with Whole House Water Filters

Consider a whole-house carbon filter for additional protection. These filters can remove contaminants from steamy vapors produced during activities like showering and dishwashing. Your effectiveness varies, so contact the manufacturer for specific details.