By: Elizabeth Bolden 

I get it, the wellness industry is a giant overwhelming industry that can leave feeling confused and hopeless. I’ve been there. I remember that feeling when there is a health scare, and you feel alone and isolated. Every doctor has a different approach to how to proceed, and what you need to do. There is typically a laundry list of medications, supplements and dietary changes that you need to immediately implement. You feel lost and overwhelmed and typically end up shutting down emotionally and mentally.

You are not alone in your experience. I have met thousands of people just like you. Health is supposed to be an empowering experience that improves your self-esteem while transforming your body.  It’s time to break your overwhelm and change your experience.

You are in control of your health. You get to choose how your healing journey goes. The very first step that everyone skips, is that you need to decide that you are going to heal. No matter what you must do, you will do whatever it takes. This step is pivotal in setting yourself up for success. Healing is going to require you to change all the factors that caused you to become sick and diseased. Your life is going to change for the better. Embrace this and use it to transform every area in your life.

Your next step is to find a modality that is effective, and you are drawn towards. Find a practitioner that you resonate with. This practitioner needs to be an advocate for your health, who can create individualized treatment plans that work for you. You need to ask them questions and communicate if you are overwhelmed. A good practitioner will prioritize the different parts of their treatment plan and work with you.

Keep in mind a good practitioner is going to get you to step out of your comfort zone. Overall, disease is comfortable for you. Your entire life is set up to let your disease thrive. A good practitioner is going to guide you on how to set your life up so your health thrives. Let’s be honest your current life is uncomfortable, it is just familiar. A good practitioner’s job is to make you a different form of uncomfortable for a short period of time until you have done the necessary steps to heal.

Healing is a by-product of doing specific behaviors. Eating healthy is a behavior, and a healthy gut becomes the by-product. The fundamental element of healing is doing the doings. There is no magic pill, AND there is light at the end of the tunnel. Make your journey fun. Join different groups that can cheer you on, share your journey on social media to inspire others, and focus on being healthy. Healing is not a straight line. There are ups and downs. That is normal. Refocus on the next step. Focus on what you have to do right at this moment. Celebrate that you did it. Small wins make up massive gains.

If you are still overwhelmed, you need to focus on smaller steps. Overwhelming happens when you focus on too much at once. Break it down into smaller steps. Taking out gluten from your diet; start with one meal a day where you don’t have gluten. When you go grocery shopping, only buy gluten-free items. This will give you smaller actions steps to take as you convert your household. Once this becomes easy, then focus on going gluten-free for two meals a day.

Keep in mind some days you aren’t going to go as well as you had hoped. It doesn’t matter. As long as you take a step in the right direction that day, you will get there. Perfection is never required. Consistency is.

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