With everything you have going on, it’s easy to sideline what you truly need to optimize your health. Nourishment comes in many forms, not just food. I can assist you in making profound life transformations — for your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

Virtual Healthy Grocery Store Tour

As you explore the shelves from aisle to aisle, you’ll learn how to plan and prepare healthy meals, discover the benefits of plant-based foods like chard, kale, quinoa, and flaxseed, and understand why it’s crucial to read the labels on everything you eat – for the sake of you and your family.

Virtual Pantry Cleaning

Healthy living starts at home, particularly in your kitchen. During our pantry clean-out (including your refrigerator), you’ll learn what to keep and what to toss, how to read expiration dates, and other tips for organizing your pantry. This will help you, and possibly your family, start thinking more about what goes into your bodies.

Brand Coaching + Start-Up

In addition to being a Health and Wellness Coach, I am an accomplished design creative professional specializing in user experience and user interface design and development. I can help health, wellness, and lifestyle professionals, like yourself, design and develop a brand or improve upon an existing one.