Self Hypnosis for
Enhanced Focus, Accountability,
Less Stress & Better Sleep

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What Is Hypnosis?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to truly unwind and enjoy deep relaxation?

  • 10,000X Greater Focus: Amplify your concentration exponentially
  • 50,000X Greater Accountability: Boost your commitment to achieving your goals
  • Ideal for Intelligent People: Yes, that includes you!
  • Perfect for Creative Minds: And yes, this means you too, even if you haven’t realized it yet!
  • Enhanced Control: Experience much greater control over your actions and decisions through increased focus

Why Self-Hypnosis?

With hypnosis, you can amplify your focus by 10,000 times to shift your perspective and increase your accountability by 50,000 times to achieve your goals and experience greater joy.

Have you ever lacked the motivation to follow through with something, started but then stopped? With 10,000 times more focus, you can finally muster the motivation needed to eliminate old habits or create new ones!

Hypnosis enables you to harness the power of your entire mind—both conscious and unconscious—to achieve far greater results than using only your conscious mind, which taps into just 10% of your mind’s potential.

By learning self-hypnosis, you can access 100% of your mind’s potential and truly achieve the results you desire!

It’s quick and easy—something you’ve likely done before!

  • Have you ever driven from point A to point B and not remembered the last 10 minutes of your drive? That’s trance.
  • Have you ever looked in the fridge for something and couldn’t see it, only for someone else to point out it was right in front of you? That’s trance.
  • Have you ever watched a “Superman” movie and enjoyed it by willfully suspending disbelief about him flying? That’s trance!

What Isn’t Hypnosis?

  • It Isn’t Sleep: Hypnosis drops you into the Theta brain wave state, the most healing brain wave, allowing your body to restore and heal itself while changing behaviors. Meditation also induces Theta brain waves, but it doesn’t focus on behavior change like hypnotherapy does. Plus, five minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to one hour of sleep in terms of restoration!
  • It Isn’t Being Gullible or Weak-Minded: Hypnosis does not make you gullible or weak-minded, nor does it put you under someone else’s control. You will not do anything under hypnosis that your unconscious mind wouldn’t normally allow. If you wouldn’t run around naked in public, you certainly won’t do so under hypnosis—despite what movies might suggest. Your unconscious mind remains in control.
  • It Isn’t Brainwashing: Hypnosis is not brainwashing. Unlike what you’ve seen in movies, brainwashing requires five specific steps that are never part of hypnotherapy. Rest assured, none of those steps are performed during a hypnotherapy session.
  • It Isn’t Unconsciousness: During hypnosis, your conscious and unconscious minds work together, but you are not unconscious. You remain aware and in control throughout the process.

Learn Self-Hypnosis, So you Can Do It Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Do you find it hard to calm your racing mind?
  • Are you constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Do you struggle with motivation, starting projects with the best intentions but often giving up?
  • Is sleep a challenge for you? (15 minutes of Hypnosis = 1 hour of sleep!)
  • Would you like to learn simple and effective tools to change your habits effortlessly?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you might want to explore the power of Hypnotherapy to bring more ease, flow, peace and joy into your life.

Your Instructor

Raquel R Sanchez
Raquel R Sanchez

Raquel R Sanchez is the humble, yet powerful and holistic angel behind zen vida. 

The idea behind zen vida came to her as a lightbulb moment while browsing at Whole Foods in 2017. She kept seeing women reading ingredients in several aisles and would often help them choose the item. She got the idea and the name right then and there and designed the logo, got the domain name and web hosting and procrastinated until six business cohorts later, and finally launched zen vida in 2024.

Raquel is 110% holistic, inside and out. She graduated from the T. Colin Campbell Plant Based Course at eCornell and is also a Board Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master TLT Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist, recognized in 47 countries.

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