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I really like your site. Who do you use to host zen vida and who designed your site?2022-07-28T00:32:17+00:00

Thanks! We host our site with Siteground. They are magnificent and extremely reliable.

For the first year of running zen vida, we used Avada and the Nutritionist Theme. Everything else was designed by RRSanchez.

Do you accept Guest Hosts?2022-07-27T05:08:36+00:00

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, we do! Email us your pitch at

What is your Privacy Policy?2022-07-27T05:21:07+00:00

zen vida believes very strongly in keeping your personal information confidential. Please click here to view our complete privacy policy. If you have any questions about Data Deletion please email

Do you have a comment policy?2022-07-27T05:14:37+00:00

We absolutely love interacting with our readers and hearing from you, so please leave respectful, kind and relevant comments as you please. Anonymous online comments also test our faith in humanity regularly, so we have and will remove offensive, inappropriate, idiotic or generally rude comments in order to keep zen vida a positive environment.

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