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Step into zen vida, a haven designed for the modern woman seeking balance for her mind, body, and spirit. We are thrilled to welcome you to our community of kindred spirits who prioritize comprehensive well-being. At zen vida, we acknowledge the profound interconnection of mind, body, and spirit, providing a nurturing environment for you to nourish every facet of yourself.

Explore our diverse offerings, ranging from yoga and meditation for physical and mental fortitude to mindfulness and self-care for emotional equilibrium. We firmly believe that self-care is an essential expression of self-love, and we are dedicated to equipping you with the tools, support, and resources necessary to flourish in today’s fast-paced environment.

Our community is a tapestry of inclusivity and diversity, embracing each woman’s inherent beauty and uniqueness. We eagerly anticipate guiding you on your holistic journey and assisting you in cultivating a harmonious blend of balance, tranquility, and vitality in your life. Welcome to zen vida, where mind, body, and spirit unite in perfect harmony!

Our Founder

Raquel R Sanchez
Raquel R Sanchez

Raquel R Sanchez is the humble, yet powerful and holistic angel behind zen vida. 

The idea behind zen vida came to her as a lightbulb moment while browsing at Whole Foods in 2017. She kept seeing women reading ingredients in several aisles and would often help them choose the item. She got the idea and the name right then and there and designed the logo, got the domain name and web hosting and procrastinated until six business cohorts later, and finally launched zen vida in 2024.

Raquel is 110% holistic, inside and out. She graduated from the T. Colin Campbell Plant Based Course at eCornell and is also a Board Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master TLT Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist, recognized in 47 countries.

Our Contributors


Dr. Elizabeth Bolen ND TNLP TTLT TCHt

This is the “marketing” that gets promoted: An adventurous woman who broke free from conventional paradigms to liberate a new health era. Her tenacity keeps her grounded. Sounds perfect, eh? Well, perfect is the ONLY “comfortable” option for a high-functioning perfectionist. I grew up pretending that everything was FINE, and accomplishments could cover up the fact I was miserable and constantly blowing up my life.

Everything I knew how to do wasn’t working for my life. No matter how hard I tried. I needed new tools and an entirely new worldview. I asked the universe for answers. Unknowingly, I was just sent on a journey of a lifetime. I was led to Dr. Kim Redman, Mystic and Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis. She mentors me and has empowered me on my journey so that I can do the same for others.

I blended my Doctorate in Naturopathy with my expertise in multiple healing modalities into my training. Now the Founder of the Bolen Health Institute, an International Institute, I designate healers in four different professional designations allowing for rapid personal growth and transformation.

Michele DiSorbo

Michele DiSorbo

Michele DiSorbo, LMHC, is the Founder of BeingOnPurpose, LLC. She is a certified mind-body medicine practitioner and a transformational coach, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Through her unique coaching model, she brings the gift of self-healing to others and promotes self-care and alignment of the mind, body and spirit/purpose such that they live their best lives with Passion, Purpose, Peace and Prosperity. She has dedicated over two decades to the vital work of serving youth and families through various leadership roles in the non-profit world. She is a mother to three amazing teenagers.

Michele attended Stetson University graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1996.

She has called South Florida home for over 40 years, although she has traveled the country in her former role as a Corporate Director and more recently as a trainer at various conferences for family foster care and non-profit leaders.

In 2019, she graduated from Leadership Broward, LB Class 37 and completed a system-altering project with Broward 211 as a founding member of the Community Connections Council (C3). As a Leadership Broward Community Project Liaison, LB Class 38 completed a valuable project for Camelot Community Care on the Power of Story Telling to find and support foster families. She is a graduate of the Florida State University College of Business’s Non-Profit Executive Leadership Program through Jim Moran Institute. In 2022, she completed the BCEx program and she expanded her reach by establishing BeingOnPurpose, LLC. She brings her unique blend of Mind-Body Medicine, Transformational Coaching and Mental Health Counseling into her group and individual coaching, training and consulting programs.

She formally began her practice of Mind-Body Medicine in 2018 after the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. She received her certification as a Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C.  She continues to serve people with trauma histories, other helpers (social workers, counselors, teachers, nurses, parents/foster parents, etc.) and businesses who care about the wellbeing of their teams and leaders.

BeingOnPurpose, LLC is an innovative practice that integrates mind-body medicine, mental health counseling and transformational coaching. We are a one-of-a-kind coaching and consulting practice designed to create healthy habits of self-care; heal past traumas and build skills in the areas that matter the most to our clients. Our clients gain the necessary skills and unleash the best version of themselves to create that happy home, purposeful work, fulfilling relationships, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

Michele DiSorbo, LMHC

Asiyah Muhsin

Asiyah Muhsin

Asiyah Muhsin a Feminine Wellness Coach, Mindset Strategist, Author, & Speaker who helps Black women achieve feminine wellness through the mind-body connection, healing rituals, and self-care practices. Advocacy, education and inspiration are at the core of her practice while maintaining her commitment to honor our love language as Black women.

As of today, she’s had the pleasure to work with, impact, educate, and coach over 80,000 BIPOC women through private and group coaching, books, digital products, social media presence, workshops, and in-person wellness events.

Asiyah is a retired nurse and traditional birth worker who has cared for women, infants, and children for over two decades. Her work has allowed her to witness how mind-body healing improves our overall state of health and wellbeing. As such, she’s committed to encouraging women and femmes in communities of color to invite balance into their lives by learning to view their health and wellbeing holistically.

She is the founder and lead health educator of a Holistic Community Doula Training program that has trained dozens of women in the art of women-women prenatal and postpartum support using natural comfort and healing methods, plant-based remedies, and her signature Village Tree Method™.

Asiyah and her wife Ikeuchi are co-founders of a community-based organization that assists displaced women of color in rebuilding their lives through shared housing, communal support, and community gardening. She’s been featured on CBS, NBC, and FOX, hosted a podcast on self-love, motherhood, and healing, has been a guest speaker/writer on many women-women platforms and has written for the U.S. Office on Women’s Health.

In addition to nursing, Asiyah has earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and has specialized training and graduate certifications in women’s reproductive health. Currently, she is working towards achieving a doctorate degree in Public Health, specializing in Community-Based Women’s Health.

In her spare time, Asiyah enjoys volunteering within women-centered organizations, reading, international travel, painting, and caring for her dozens of plants. Asiyah is an NYC native who resides in Nashville with her wife and two children.

Cristina Zakis

Cristina Zakis

Cristina Zakis is a wife and mom of two teenage sons. She has been a doTerra Wellness Advocate for nine years but has used essential oils and other natural remedies with her family for 19 years. She is passionate about empowering others to explore natural solutions for their well-being and now serves clients in nine countries. Cristina enjoys music in all ways: singing, dancing and playing her guitar. She also enjoys trips to the beach with her extended family.