A Season for Natural Well-Being


By: Cristina Zakis

As I think about the seasons of my life and how I have developed my passion for empowering others to consider natural options for well-being, I remember my mom’s example of trusting God’s natural ways when it came to caring for her babies and for herself. Sure, she took us to the doctor when needed, but daily she relied on natural remedies such as breast milk and wholesome foods.

Today, I enjoy empowering moms and families to rely on the potent and pure tools in doTerra’s essential oils. Along with learning how to maximize the effects of these “gifts of the earth” I also guide them in learning more about the benefits of reducing toxins in all areas of their home by relying on homemade cleaners and finding toxin-free products.

Have you thought about how many harmful chemicals you come into contact with every day? A 2015 article by EcoWatch, was titled, “Women Apply an Average of 168 Chemicals on Their Bodies Every Day.” Some chemicals can be hormone disruptors, while others may cause inflammation or allergic reactions. It is very important to consider the different areas of the home and of our many health habits so that we can identify where we are coming into contact with chemicals and how we can reduce that exposure to toxins.

We can also consider how to support our body with the usual exposure to toxins. One easy way is to use doTerra’s Lemon essential oil in drinking water every day. I recommend adding one drop of Lemon essential oil per four oz of room-temperature water. The Lemon essential oil draws out toxins from the body without harming the body. It’s a mild way to detoxify the body.

Every season of the year presents its challenges for the body and mind. The essential oils my family and I rely on in Spring are Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. Together they provide incredible relief from seasonal threats. Just by applying Lavender around my eyes, within minutes the itchiness stops. I then rub a drop under my nose and the runny feeling stops. Diffusing three drops of each in a cool air diffuser in our living room provides support for all of the family, even our dogs.

Let’s make every season of the year and every season of our life one in which we explore natural solutions and ways to support our body and mind positively and healthily.